End of Second Week

Dear Friends,

Following advice from Jaani, my tech whiz friend, who also owns the company that hosts my site (jstar.com.au) I have created this new Blog using WordPress and a theme called Titan – anyway it looks nice!

My adjustment to life in Amman has been a pleasant experience, people are friendly, the weather is great……. The school (Amman Baccalaureate School) is displaying all the characteristics of a well run school and also, all the normal start of year flusterings.

Trips to and from school take only about 10minutes, we catch a school bus like the yellow ones you see on American TV, and the trip is very comfortable. At the end of the day you are dropped back again – to your front door.

There are only a few new expat staff, but more new local staff mostly in the Junior and Middle year parts of the school, which are expanding. We have just finished the first two days of induction, which went fine – on a more humours note, for a number of years, when I worked in a school, I avoided these first days, and very successfully too, but in this case I enjoyed the newness of everything. No doubt work will start with a rush next week.

But the silver lining is that at the end of next week we have a weeks break! Not sure what to do yet, but I am hiring a car and tackling the roundabouts and seeing if I can perfect the art of the ‘nonchalant maneuver’ (had to look up how to spell those two words!) on the road. I have not bought a mobile phone yet, so will not be abe to pin it to my shoulder!

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