Snow and some things to do in Amman

It is SNOWING – see the pics below. Now I believe what people say. The day preceding the snow was just terrible – strong biting winds carrying sand from the Sinai. Took me a while to figure out there was snow when I awoke, but then the SMS’s from the school started – end result, we have a day off, that is a result!

On Saturday my good friend Niki took me shopping – I needed a coat and some Xmas pressies. First stop were the clothing Souks of 2nd Circle, these are amazing, cheap and good quality. I got two coats and will be going back for more – best place we found was Hassan Clothes. Niki was well pleased with a full length designer coat – cost 15JDs!

Then it was off to Xmas Bazaars at the Zara Centre, this was also great despite a crush of people. There were stalls offering regional treats such as food and handicrafts  from Palestine, Russia, Jordan and Romania, and plenty of other places as well- another result, I was able to get the rest of the Xmas shopping done and helped a good cause at the same time.

Recent day trip to Karak

 Karak is South of Amman and within easy reach via Madaba.  It is an ancient town of strategic important for the trade routes and also during the Crusades and latter the Ottomans.

The most spectacular part is the drive down and across the valley via the road across a dam. One the otherside is a hotel atop the hill with fantasitc views, and they served a most delightful array of local dips, olives and breads, I think we spend almost an hour eating, watching the view and talking with the owner.  The place is called Rest House Trajan and the can be contacted on 00962 3 2310295 – it is well worth the visit.

The slide shows some of the pics taken on this day, it was windy and cool but perfect blue skies.