Snow and some things to do in Amman

It is SNOWING – see the pics below. Now I believe what people say. The day preceding the snow was just terrible – strong biting winds carrying sand from the Sinai. Took me a while to figure out there was snow when I awoke, but then the SMS’s from the school started – end result, we have a day off, that is a result!

On Saturday my good friend Niki took me shopping – I needed a coat and some Xmas pressies. First stop were the clothing Souks of 2nd Circle, these are amazing, cheap and good quality. I got two coats and will be going back for more – best place we found was Hassan Clothes. Niki was well pleased with a full length designer coat – cost 15JDs!

Then it was off to Xmas Bazaars at the Zara Centre, this was also great despite a crush of people. There were stalls offering regional treats such as food and handicrafts  from Palestine, Russia, Jordan and Romania, and plenty of other places as well- another result, I was able to get the rest of the Xmas shopping done and helped a good cause at the same time.