Chess & Kisses gone home – I got bored!

Well Cath has returned home on the big bird, should be landed shortly into Melbourne.

I got a bit bored this morning, Saturday and here is the result.

For those that don’t know I am a great admirer of Bob Dylan.

One of the first songs I ever learned was from his first album – Bob Dylan – it is called Song to Woody (this is recorded using a standard inbuilt labtop mic, so I hope it is OK, and sorry no harmonica)

For the slightly impatient when you click the link you will go to another page, click the link again and wait a little while for the player to load depending on your browser – you can probably also right click the link and save it to your computer and play it from there. I’ll see if this can be done more easily in WordPress, which is what the Blog is written in.

songToWoody 10-2-2010_5;18;22_PM

The other is Girl From the North Country – I changed the last line!

Gnoth 10-2-2010_5;29;38_PM

To record I used Hi-Q Recorder, which is freely available from and the words etc from memory just to prove I can remember songs! I lie, I looked them up from

Maybe off to the football (Soccer) today to support my team – Al-Faisaly, I think that is what I agreed with my friend at school who is one of the bus drivers Danzier!

Off in a couple of weekends to tour up the North West, so there should be some more nice pics.

Bye to all.

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