Songs to lift the Spirt

Inspired by Alan Kohler’s reference to Strauss’ Last Four Songs Eureka Report – here are a few from You Tube to lift the spirts, including Jessie Norman’s version of “Beim Schlafengehen” (Going to sleep).

Ava Maria, irrespective if you are religious or not, is just the most amazing melody, in my humble option that is. Jessie Norman has the most beautiful voice and here it is done justice. Summertime is sung by Leontyne Price, an encore at the White House during Carters time in office, apparently. Billy Holiday is my favourite and here she sings Strange Fruit – if you have not heard this song listen carefully, it was performed first in 1936. If you think back to that time, this was truely a beautiful and brave performance.

Enjoy! Oh, and there is a ring in at the end.

Ava Maria

Beyonce has a beautiful version also.


Strauss’ last four songs


Jessie Norman

Summertime – Leontyne Price

Strange Fruit – Billy Holiday

Based on a poem by Abel Meeropol in 1936, one of the first racial

protest songs.

I am in Jordan, so here is one I found.

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