Climate Debate Issues

Climategate – as I understand it this is about the statistical techniques (trick) used to compare data sources and to ‘hide the decline’ of tree ring data from trees in Siberia after 1960 which were not consistent with other worldwide data. There have been plenty of enquires which all clear scientists of wrongdoing.

This website gave the best discussion I could find: I can’t vouch for the organization but it appears reputable.

Even if one accepted the skullduggery claims, the temperature data was not, it seems, involved.

With respect to the destruction of data, I found this blog article (best I could find), which seems at variance to the claims made by skeptics.

My conclusion is that there is not much that I can find to support the view expressed in a range of sites that the scientists were involved in a cover up.

Removal from Journal Editorial Boards or paper rejection

There are discussions of paper refusal – here is one example

I am concerned about the claim that climate science can move into activist territory and be biased – there needs to be evidence, is there hard evidence that this is preventing contrary views being expressed?

How Climate Skeptic papers can be published. This is an interesting perspective:

A literature review of climate skeptic paper published:

On this brief review, I can’t find any evidence of a hoax, I find disputes, attempts to set record straight and to explain, possible confusion, accusations etc. all of which are classic in a complex change process.

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