Ramadan Ends, Eid ul-Fitr is celebrated

Well Ramadan has ended and the Eid ul-Fitr period of celebration has started to mark the end of the fasting period. Many fireworks and crackers sounding off, also the call to prayer seems to be longer than normal.

Celebrated at the Books@Cafe with the other Australian teacher at the school – Niki Underwood, who it turns out has been living in Tweed Heads before heading to Dubai! The evening was spent out on the open balcony, watching the lights and listening to the sounds of celebration sipping a red!

Book@Cafe is a wonderful and unique place, I have meet the owner who certainly has a story to tell and I am keen to hear more. Here is a pic of the bar area where people gather to smoke, drink, chat and fiddle on facebook!

Bar at Books@Cafe

As Ramadan has finished I was able to take a trip to a bottle shop and purchase a couple of bottles of local wine – yes, Jordan has very well established wine growing regions, which link right back to pre-Christrian times.

One wine is a Cabernet Savignon 2009 from Mount Nebo, the other a Saint George Cabernet Sauvignon – Pinot Noir, both from the Madaba region. I am hopeful of visiting the vineyards at some stage and writing more about the wines of the region. I am hopeful that the wines from Syria and Lebanon are also available. I am planing another road trip up through those areas in November.

Cathie arrives on Sunday week and I have a few day trips planned to Jerash and to other Roman ruins to the North near the Syrian border, and she is off on a trip around Amman and the Desert Castles, and also down to Petra, all whilst I work.